Our mission is to engage and ignite a culture of brand fantatics.

We are rooted in graphics design, we place brand symmetry at the forefront and serve as a single-source solution for our clients marketing engagement needs. We assist our clients from concept through completion for their design, print, display, promotional products and apparel needs. Our focus is to improve quality of effort, expand reach and reduce costs associated with marketing.

We offer low minimum order requirements, maintain brand consistency and offer fast turnaround times. Our creative team works with you to develop unique designs that build strength and uniformity throughout your market-facing collateral.

BlueFin has launched over 25 brands across multiple industries providing small to mid-sized businesses a single source option for creativity, strategic planning and production. We leverage our purchasing power to give smaller organizations the purchasing power of large corporations, to improve quality and increase reach while maintaining your budget.

Chris Legg, MBA


I founded the BlueFin Agency in 2010 to support an under-served, small to mid-sized corporate market. Having served in marketing leadership for many years, I saw an opportunity to support smaller organizations trying to reach their goals. I decided to leverage my expertise and ability to source internationally to provide my clients with creative, cost-effective marketing solutions. The result…a hybrid marketing company designed to expand reach, improve quality of effort and reduce costs associated with marketing.

Our Family of Companies

Graphics Design. Promotional Products. Apparel.

BlueFin Agency, Inc

BlueFin Agency, founded in 2010, was established as a graphics design and website development company. As the needs of our clients grew, we brought on more products and services to provide a more comprehensive offering for those we serve. Through our efforts we were able to leverage our group purchasing model to drive costs down while improving our quality of service across all levels.

iBrand Sports

iBrand Sports is an online sports apparel company providing performance apparel to teams and organizations. We offer printed, embroidered and dye sublimated apparel. We offer an expansive selection of apparel to our teams while providing industry leading turnaround time.

A History Focused On Customer Support


During the years preceeding the launch of BlueFin Agency, founder Chris Legg worked diligently leading sales and marketing efforts within home building, healthcare, real estate and more. He was tasked with leading marketing initiatives for: tradeshows, tv, radio, direct mail, sales collateral and online resources.

Launch BlueFin Agency, Inc

In May of 2010 BlueFin Agency was born. The hybrid marketing solution was conceived to serve small and mid-sized organizations by providing a more comprehensive support company. Prior to the launch of BlueFin, service companies provided either design or production resources leaving a brand management "gap" for smaller organizations.

Launch iBrand Sports

in an effort to support our corporate clients needs, we began establishing corporate "team" stores for their sales reps and employees. Due to the success of our offering and simplification we decided to launch a DBA dedicated to youth sports called iBrand Sports. The new division was launched and instantly took root through strength of service.

iBrand Sports Does 1st On-Site

In 2017 iBrand Sports was invited to produce t-shirts on-site for our first lacrosse tournament. This was new territory for our organization and we wanted to make the process better than previous companies had. We introduced "pre-sales" to the tournament experience. This eliminated the line to wait for gear on-site.

Add Short-Run Embroidery

We saw a real need emerging in our business and the market to provide short-run embroidery services to our offering. We purchased our first embroidery machine and began supporting our clients in short and long run embroidery. We utilize our same group purchasing model to reduce costs for our clients and have never turned back.
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